C++ Builder

C++Builder is Borland's C++Version of 32bit Windows compilers. Meanwhile in the 5th version, it is features the same code generator as Delphi. It may also use Delphi components. Applications written in BCB : case studies

I came to use it for tough stuff requiring a C++ compiler, such as accessing IEEE 488 drivers. And also on insisting customer requests for C++ where I could defeat the use of VC++.

As infrequent C++ programmer I only use constructs that are 1:1 portable to/from Delphi, meaning the bells and whistles of C++ are missing. My code may therefore appear blunt. Further, since my various embedded C compilers are not C++ compilers, I keep code towards the lower end of complexity


As the code is taken from recent projects some of the fancy features may have been removed. Therefore, some code shown in the sub pages is incomplete and for reference only. Any code shown in the sub pages may be buggy, and thought to pass the idea only. The code may not even be optimal. There is no right to get it fixed. Send me a mail if you find a bug though.



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