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Delphi is the successor of the well known Turbo Pascal. While Turbo Pascal was for the MS-DOS operating system, Delhi has been developped for Windows. Both were developped by Borland. Borland chose to keep the name for a different product, and moved the compiler to a different company called Inprise, then to Codegear. Subsequently the owners changed to Embarcadero, and recently to Idera. I thus omit giving a link to the owners. Meanwhile in the (N+1)th version, it is still the fastest PC software development environment for general GUI applications available. Development time is cut by an order of magnitude due to the encapsulation of the windows controls while adding almost no overhead.

A colleague of mine : "Delphi is the only PC software development tool that allows to be specialized on something else."

Me : "Life is too short for C/C++"

Delphi Add_ons

To enhance Delphi, a rich variety of third party components are available from various companies. I am using (incomplete list):

my delphi link page


As the code is taken from recent projects some of the fancy features may have been removed. Therefore, some code shown in the sub pages is incomplete and for reference only. Any code shown in the sub pages may be buggy, and thought to pass the idea only. The code may not even be optimal. There is no right to get it fixed. Send me a mail if you find a bug though.


These components are not or not yet installable. Use the USES clause and create them dynamically

solutions to graphic problems

solutions to sequential processing

working with threads

other problems


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