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newsgroups - incomplete list

There are many groups at the server 'newsgroups.borland.com'. It has to be added to the
list of servers in the news reader as it is fortunately not mirrored.
borland news group list

direct : - though outlook users may have add the server 'newsgroups.borland.com' manually
borland forums : graphic
borland forums : internet
borland forums : ide
borland forums : non tech
borland forums : object pascal
borland forums : using VCL comonents
borland forums : writing VCL components
borland forums : Windows API
borland forums : jobs
borland forums : Opentools API
borland forums : third party tools
borland forums : database desktop
borland forums : unrelated chat

there are a few more at borland.

links to pages - incomplete list

the links are unsorted and the description incomplete. There is no quality selection,
I just came along at a time.
page content
Delphi case studies impressive list of delphi applications
Borland CodeCentral(tm) Repository  
Earl F.Glynn's pages too much to list
Mark Vaughan's pages endless math resources and links
Delphi Informant Magazine monthly magazine
Delphi Super Page  
Torry's Delphi Pages Torry's Delphi Pages  
Econos - Stefan Hoffmeister's pages  
Delphi - JEDI the fairys converting the APIs
SignSoft OpenGL components
entechtaiwan Programmer's Toolkits - Devicedrivers
ProDelphi source code profiler and post mortem review
Performance Page  
ESRI Software Mapping the world
Merlin's Delphi Forge many slow loading pages Delphi & Kylix
Soletta Documentation Tool
Nick Hodges page  
Delphi Free Stuff  
AH - Delphi components (down at the moment)  
Delphi chat room  
The Delphi Games Creator (down at the moment)  
K. Nishita's Page - Download (down at the moment)  
Pegasus - Delphi Imaging  
OverByte - Francois piette's page  
Charlie Calvert pages  
Toolsfactory ClassExplorer
Delphi tip a lot of stuff
Poynton's Colour FAQ  
Plasmatech Software Design - Shell Control Pack  
TSyntaxMemo Syntax Highlighting code editor
Inner-Smile.com : Delphi-Box  
dtp - Delphi Tech Professional - Projects  
Colin Wilson's pages  
Applied Analytic Systems  
Hawk Eye - Agni Software (P) Ltd.  
Delphi Components - Windows 95/NT  
teemach, SL Web site  
Tempest Software, Inc.  
database components - RSD Software  
The Delphi Commercial Developers Page  
Deutsche Delphi User Group  
Component Create for Delphi Component Code Generator
Delphi Programmer Job Hunter  
Graticule UK Digital Mapping Toolkits for Software Developers
Dream Company  
Chad Z Hower's winshoes connectivity
Delphi Jobs!  
Scoutship's Tray Icon Component  
Renate Schaaf's pages math stuff
Res-cue - Delphi Components  
TGlobe Delphi VCL Component  
dTp - Delphi Tech Professional (moving) Design Patterns & Delphi
jg Components  
Frank's Delphi Lessons  
TekMetrics e-certifications  
Object Pascal Style Guide  
Anders Melander's page  
Numerical Methods in Pascal  
PBear's Delphi VCL Components and Utilities  
D L P - Delphi Link Page  
Right Click Delphi Programmers Page  
Code Central -- John Kaster  
Lohninger's page scientific stuff
Krasimir Stoyanov's page  
Swiss Delphi Center delphi programming tips for all
Numerical Methods in Pascal numerical stuff
Multithreading - The Delphi Way. Multithreading stuff
Varian Software A serial communication package
CodeHound Delphi A search engine specialized for delphi pages
TX Text Control A text processor component with bells and whistles
Delphi Turkiye Delphi ve veritabanı forumu, seminerleri, makaleleri, dosyaları ve ipuçları
Delphi Central Delphi tutorials, hints and information
Coders Corner an impressive list of articles to selected problems
Exlain that a growing list of pages

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