suszeptibility, radiation and shielding

Commercial products in Europe require a CE certificate due to the recent introduction
of product liability.
A CE certificate involves amongst others : Some european norms :
There are many different laws depending on the target use of the system : Consult a testing facility for the appropriate requirements.

In the US the following applies :

Basics for em interference and suszeptibility

note : the following is to be viewed for embedded industrial applications,
other applications may look at it differently

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One test involves the system be put between two plates where an oscillating
E field is applied.
The countermeasure is to use a metal case
consumer applications prefer isolating plastic cases

EN 61000-6-2 and EN 50082-1

These tests consists of the system being exposed to RF waves up to 3GHz
while operating. It has to continue to operate.
Countermeasure : All wires entering the case have to be filtered or blocked
to the case with 100nF. It is important that this happens where the wire enters.
10cm of loose wire before the blocking may turn the case into a resonator.

EN 50081-2 and EN 50081-1

This test measures the radiation leaving the system in the relevant frequency bands.
The same as above applies.

# to be found out

Powersupply wires may be subject to burst pulses of several kV depending
on the application.


Georg Durcansky
EMV gerechtes Geraetedesign
ISBN 3-7723-5386-X
113.- CHFr

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