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Texas MSP430F14x

This page is dedicated to the Texas MSP430F14x family of CPU's.
The silicon available in the MSP-FET430P140 Evaluation kit is still in the beta version(dec2000).

The datasheet of the CPU look greats to those writing 16bit code on 8 bit controllers, as
it is natively 16 bit. The evaluation kit is an adventure of its own.

The MSP-FET430P140 Flash evaluation kit

Being put togther by IAR to market their range of compilers it is as incomplete
as obviously none was responsible. The hardware delivered is a solder-yourself-kit,
but only after you figured out what to do where. Following the first steps to put it
The included ASM is strange, probably as it comes from IAR and they try to sell their
C Compiler. There are several projects under way for another ASM and another C Compiler.

More being currently evaluated...

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