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Apache is the most often used Webserver. Beside that it is part of the Linux distribution,
the latest version can be downloaded at their website, Version 1.3.20 in aug.2001

It is assumed you're logged into Linux as root.

Running the preinstalled Apache

If the apache module is installed ( YAST : package information/installation - > apache )
it can be started manually rcapache start and stopped manually rcapache stop
or started at powerup : with YAST set start_httpd = yes in the configuration
, or in /etc/rc.config start_httpd = yes

The webpages can now be loaded in /usr/local/httpd/htdocs
The configuation file is /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

A new Apache

be root in the Console F1 now that was it so far. You have a new apache in /usr/local/apache now.
This might mean you have a second. I at least happen to have a second. The first being
found under /usr/local/httpd/ - at least the pages. Stop the first with rcapache stop,
it can be restarted with rcapache start.
It might be a good idea to remove its autostart with YAST. ( start_httpd = no )
Anyway, the new one is started as
cd /usr/local/apache/bin/        - go there as root
./apachectl start                - start
./apachectl stop                 - stop
I'd assume that only one apache can run at the time. Either the original or the new.

When you're happy with the new one, it can be made to replace the original one. When I
figured out how this is done, I'll let you know.

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