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Samba is a Linux/Windows file mapper. It should be part of the Linux package.
A link : samba

Starting Samba

It is assumed the Linux IP is It is assumed the WinNT network
consists of WinNT workstations only. A special case that applies here.
The service just has to be started : set START_SMB = yes in the system config
After the next 'init 2', samba will be running.
On another machine have a browser and set the URL : and the samba screen
should appear after loging in as 'root'.

Configuring Samba

There is a lot of help available as help links. Use them to get specific questions answered.

Samba Globals

Set the workgroup to the same as the WinNT machines, with the right case. eg 'WORKGROUP'
The netbios name is the name this PC appears as. EG : 'LINUX_1'
Security is set to 'share' (WinNT workstations network)
Encrypt passwords is 'yes' and update encrypted is 'no'.(WinNT workstations network)

Protocol options, announce as 'WinNT workstation'
Browse options, prefered master is 'no'
Browse options, local master is 'yes'
Browse options, domain master is 'no'

-commit changes -


Create a share named 'web'
set the path to '/usr/local/httpd/htdocs/'
Writeable is 'yes'
guest ok is 'yes'
browseable is 'yes'
available is 'yes'

-commit changes -


make and enable a few users. But don't have a user 'root' !

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