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Webmin is a Linux service that let a browser control Linux remote.
Eg. Netscape running on WinNT
Get webmin .

move and unzip webmin

Skip this if you have other means to have webmin-0_84_tar in the /opt directory.
I downloaded webmin-084_tar.gz to an NT machine.
I moved the file to /opt. There it is unzipped with gunzip webmin-084_tar.gz

Installing webmin

Have webmin-0_84_tar in the /opt directory
tar xvf webmin-0_84_tar creates the directory 'opt/webmin-0.84' with everything in there.
run 'opt/webmin-0.84/setup.sh' and accept the defaults except
for the 'username/password' choose root/... instead of admin/... to keep it simple.
Enable autostart of webmin. And the webmin port be 10000.

Using webmin

Assume the Linux machine is on '' .
Open a browser on another machine and set as URL :
You're prompted the username and password.
The webmin of the Linux machine should appear.

The internet is between

Install SSL to encrypt even the password dialog.

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