OpenGL is Silicon Graphic's open standard for 3D visulization. The API is part of WinNT and implements the used routines. They run in software unless the hardware is able to support them. OpenGL accelerating graphic cards are slowly becoming common.

I used to explore OpenGL on my old 166MHz Pentium but that one was far too slow. Delphi 3 didn't really support OpenGL, and the available components were a bit crappy, or together with the MS OpenGL appeared as such.

Now, I'm starting again with a newer faster machine, OpenGL accelerator and C++ Builder 4 or Delphi 5. These pages are standing alone, and may refer to Delphi or C++ Builder.

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As the code is taken from recent projects some of the fancy features may have been removed. Therefore, some code shown in the sub pages is incomplete and for reference only. Any code shown in the sub pages may be buggy, and thought to pass the idea only. The code may not even be optimal. There is no right to get it fixed. Send me a mail if you find a bug though.


GLScene (Delphi)

GLScene is a great OpenGL package for Delphi. It is open source and under continous development. There are also nntp based support newsgroup and other issues newsgroup

After months of fruitless trials implementing my own classes, I found GLScene a solid framework. My contributions to this projects :


The code is written in HTML, therefore some characters have to be changed :

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