physics diploma thesis abstract

at ETH Zürich, Ultrafast Laser Lab Headed by Prof U.Keller, Summer 96

Synchronization of two passively mode locked lasers

A passively mode-locked Nd:glass laser with a free running jitter >1.5 ps was
synchronized with a microwave synthesizer by phase locking the fundamental resonator
frequency (approx. 100 MHz). The cavity length was controlled by a piezo. The rms
jitter was calculated from the measured phase noise and showed a reduction to as low
as 125 fs measured from 6 Hz to 10 kHz.
Two Nd:glass self mode locked lasers were then synchronized with each other by phase
locking the fundamental resonator frequency. One of the lasers took the part of the
microwave synthesizer. The phaselock loop was enhanced by using the optical cross
correlation signal. The rms jitter was measured by cross correlation and was 21.5 fs
measured from 20 Hz to 5 kHz. Both lasers were 100 fs, 100 mW diode pumped systems.


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