embedded system board with serial communication and CPLD

This micro sized board is ideal for general purpose applications requiring a powerful 8bit CPU with a rather big adress range of 128k together with a supporting CPLD for critical timing stuff. The 128 macrocells of the CPLD allow for quite a number of counters running at the same speed as the CPU, thus reducing timing problems.

It features A USB version of this board is under development with a planned release in summer 05
A version with a bigger more versatile FPGA is also planned.

the board

Recommended tools for development are Altera MaxPlus2 or Quartus for the CPLD, both downloadable for free, and the imagecraft C Compiler or the E-Lab Pascal compiler for the AVR, both available for a rather low budget.

Its price : 200 CHFr @ 1 excluding VAT

being approx 133 Euro (@ 1 CHFr = 0.666Euro)
being approx 167 USD (@ 1 CHFr = 0.833USD)

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