CE Conformity

The following EU directives apply to and are fulfilled by the products of ibrt

The CE conformity is selfcertified. Should a customer require test results from a certified lab, then it is the customers duty to organize and pay for them. We pay for the measurements only in case of a failure.

Other rules or other countries

Countries outside the European union may have their own requirements what electrical and safety rules concern. Some certifications tend to be costly and we cannot have these costs included in the prices, nor in the quotes. We've gone through such processes and gladly assist in passing these tests. Please specify at the time of getting a quote that you wish tests to be passed. In case we're not having a copy of the rules here, or are not yet familiar with them, then plan for some additional months to start the process. Some countries may have simplified tests for prototypes and small volume stuff. Even then, allow for 6 extra months.

The "pcb only" option

If you care less about tests and just want something to solve a problem, then a delivery of a pcb only migh help. Printed circuit boards usually only have to fullfill rules you (or your university) specify. This implies you know what the circuit is doing and fully understand its functionality, could even build it yourself if you had the time. We also avoid building line powered supplies, but rather take a power supply off the shelf. Then the line voltage rules apply to this part only and are covered with it.


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