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stabilized GUNN power supply

Intended for Microwave GUNN oscillators, this stabilized power supply offers We measured Q-Band (34 to 36GHz) GUNNs with 100MHz electrical tuning range to have the following dependence Now a view of the powersupply with the Gunn
the powersupply

Since this product is in a early product cycle, ahem post 1.prototype, there is some room for improvement on the visyual appearance.

And here a view on how the Gunn is mounted onto the Peltier
mounting the peltier and the gunn

We were able to stabilize a Q-Band GUNN with 100MHz electrical tuning range
to better than 50kHz, which is approx. 1.5 ppm.

Its price : 900CHFr @ 1 excluding VAT

being approx 600Euro (@ 1 CHFr = 0.666Euro)
being approx 750 USD (@ 1 CHFr = 0.833USD)

The next version

The next version of GUNN powersupplies has a

Some measurements

We stabilized a wideband (2GHz) varactor tuneable Q Band GUNN doing from 34 to 36GHz between 5 and 24V. The free running behaviour was as shown here


As can be seen, the price for the extremely wide tuning range is extreme sensitivity to whatever.

The GUNN was connected to the PLL locking counter. This counter has a coarse control output from a DAC which moves the GUNN do within 5MHz from the preset frequency. The phase noise while using the coarse control input only was measured as

after connecting the fine control input then, the frequncy was locked.

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