Sales conditions

Following is a list of stuff to be read before a product of ibrt is considered to be purchased.

Ambient conditions

Unless otherwise noted and assured, the products are tested for lab conditions, temperature range is 10 to 50 degrees Celsius, 20 to 80 % relative humidity, noncondensing. No vibrations. Other conditions may be fullfilled upon request.

Rules and regulations

ibrt is aware of and conforms to the various rules and regulations concerning these in the targetted markets, see below. Other requirements may be considered upon request.

Target markets, and avoided markets

Products of ibrt are targetted for the industrial and scientific markets. Upon request automotive or space requirements may be fulfilled. Under no circumstances are the products to be used in life saving, life maintaining, life restoring and other medical applications. The applicable rules and regulations are too different.


The warranty is one year. Within that period, the product is repaired, replaced or otherwise made functional free of charge and free of shipment from our site.The warranty becomes void when the product is used outside the rated conditions or when safety measures were bypassed.


Deliveries within Switzerland will have the VAT added, whereas deliveries abroad won't. The destination country will add their own VAT in this case. Payments are to be made in CHFr or Euro. The Euro value is also written on the invoice. 30 days netto, no reductions.


Standard delivery is by postal mail, for inland deliveries, we charge the postal costs, and for export we take the costs, thus exports are free of transport charges.

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