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Laser synchronization controller

The repetition rate of a mode-locked laser is dependent on the cavity length. Synchronizing a modelocked laser to an external source means stabilizing the cavity length. This is usually done with a piezo. This piezo covers he whole audible range of frequencies. Additionally, the temperature drift has to be compensated. This may be achieved with a servo or with a picomotor. The featured controller is able to handle either of them.

the sync pcb mounted on a chassis side


Its price is 6639 CHFr @ 1

approx 4282 Euro (@ 1CHFr = 0.645 Euro)
approx 5112 USD (@ 1CHFr = 0.770 USD)

The 350MHz sync prototype

A prototype of a synchronization controller running at 350MHz was successfully shipped. The measured jitter on a soliton system was well below 500fs even without an air-table.
Shown is the RF part at an intermediate assembly stage.

the prototype of the RF part of the 350MHz Sync
some target specs :
laser input level : -40..-20dBm
reference input level : -10..+10dBm

Production depends on the request.
The applied technology is assumed to be useable well beyond 500MHz.

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