Courtesy or NDA's requires me not to publish many if not most of the recent
commercial simulations. Therefore only non-commercial simulations are listed here.


I got one of those things for christmas. It is made by Brainway There is even a
thin forum in german. As I'm not manually patient, meaning I won't endlessly play
with this thing, I'd rather simulate it. It is rather interesting from a mathematical
point of view.
some findings

Linear feedback shift registers

Being used for pseudo random bitstreams, a few properties are known,
but for custom configuations, few literature was found.
An attempt for a simulation

A 90GHz (W band) microwave resonator

This simulation that could also be listed under projects.
After a couple of weeks of slow incremental experimental optimization,
I did some simulations to find the points of interest.
the microwave resonator page

A 62GHz microwave resonator

Here an E field resonator was to be designed for 62 GHz.How do we tune,
how do we match the the impedance ? the microwave resonator page

A 35GHz (Q band) microwave resonator

The question of "how much unwanted E field is in the sample" came up.
A quick simulation on a Q Band resonator. the microwave resonator page


This game became rather popular recently. I spent an evening on a
simulation. While it doesn't actually solve it, it help a lot to
see the options visually. When time permits, I might write a solver
one day. The sudoku page

feedback is welcome.

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