This game has been becoming popular rather quickly recently. It consists of a 9 by 9 quadratic field which is filled with number 1 to 9, where each row and each column and each sub 3 by 3 contains each number just once. This problem called for some help. I wroute this application which lets one fill in the startup state.

startup view

It then lets one fill in numbers while at the same time showing the possible options. Sometimes, when there are more than one choices, some decisions have to be taken. For theose cases where they were wrong, this application writes a history, that can be loaded, edited and replayed.

intermediate view

It has not yet an automatic solver, "try" is not yet implemented. Upon request, meaning the "complete" checkbox is checked, those fields with just one choice are filled in automatically. The "update" checkbox updates the options left to the fields.

download (404kBytes)

Good luck.

Feedback is welcome.

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