Protel 99

After having worked for several years with various version of Protel, Protel 99
is the 32bit version with very few bugs. The 99 version is really useful.
Protel3.0 was still 16bit though announced as Protel95.
Protel98 was a bit crappy, it had too many bugs.

It is best run on a fast Pentium (III) with lots of RAM.
A Pentium 166 with 64MB is the lower limit.
A screen with 1600x1200 in truecolor is about the one to have.
The OS of choice is WinNT4.0

Whereas previous version had the schematic and PCB layout and other packages
separate, Protel99 is an All-in-One package.
Some ideas have changed. After working for several month with Protel 99,
a useful setup is slowly crystalizing out.

Useful setup


Schematic hints

PCB hints

.. to be continued


Unfortunately there is no real newsgroup, just a place to subscribe
"subscribe proteledausers". A very unfortunate solution as every message
is broadcasted and fills the mailbox. Can be 50++ mails per day.


last updated: 16.jan.00

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